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It is a great satisfaction to see new or regular members of the Society participating at an event and building a network, sharing their adventures and life in Denmark with others. It is a wonderful platform to meet and feel part of a group that can understand each other.I have been living in Denmark for the last five years and I know the start here can be rough. I started as a student and I thought it will be easy to make friends here. Little that I knew that was far from the reality. International Society was the place where I could socialize and make some friends and therefore after a while I took the opportunity get involved and facilitate this process by helping organize events that can bring people together. I am a career coach and a LinkedIn trainer.

I work with people who have already reached career highs, but are looking for themselves in other activities. I help them find their talents and abilities, and realize them in their new activities.
Also I tell how LinkedIn can help in achieving professional goals (job search or customers, partners).

I moved to Denmark 1,5 years ago. I live in Brande with my husband.
I work a lot from home, study Danish and in free time I dance a zumba and salsa, ride a mountain bike and travel.

I'm glad to be part of International Society! I want to help foreigners feel better in a new country.
I have lived in Herning since the autumn of 2008. Currently I work based on my education, as I have specialized in Quality Management in a Danish company that produces plastic items. My motivation to become a board member in IS is to help internationals not to feel lonely in Denmark. One way to do that is by organizing events ,where we all can meet ,share and help each other. Moreover IS has become quite special place for me, since I met my wonderful husband (Florin Nica) during one of IS events ( Cook and Talk) 3 years ago. I love Herning City and I will be glad to be in charge of organizing events with a focus on making Herning feels a better place to live for all internationals.